Roos Rebergen and André Manuel had written several new songs at the end of 2015. When they finished writing the songs they went looking for musicians to form an exciting oppertunity combination, and given the names they added to this formation they certainly succeeded. On bass, Peter van Buyten [Flip Kowlier, Sukilove] on guitar, Sjoerd Bruil [Black Cassette, Sukilove, Dez Mona] and on drums, Tim van Oosten [Roosbeef, Het Zesde Metaal]. The group played together under the name TJING TJING. They played a lot of the new songs but they weren’t shy of playing the classics by André and Roos.

On the 18th of November they released an album called “Bang zullen we leven” and it sold out within one month.

Starting in May 2016 TJING TJING swept through the Netherlands playing at a number of festivals. followed up by a club tour in December.


Roos Rebergen: Vocals, piano
Andre Manuel: Vocals, guitar
Sjoerd Bruil: guitar
Tim van Oosten: drums
Pieter van Buyten: bass

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