blacklotusstudio krisrainpromo2Born in Eskilstuna, Sweden, Gildenlöw made a name for himself in the progressive rock scene during his eleven year career (1995- 2006) as bass player which granted him the endorsement by Mayones guitars for more than a decade. In addition to bass guitar, Gildenlöw studied: piano, drums, double bass, guitar, classical vocals and music design at Karlskoga Folkhögskola KM-Studios in Karlskoga, Sweden; all of which have served the artist well in his transition to a solo career.

Always in search of that ‘perfect imperfection’ Gildenlow’s story-telling approach to his music has been greatly influenced by legendary troubadour, Leonard Cohen. His inspiration for creative design flows along the lines of Alan Parsons and Mike Oldfield, working with guest musicians rather than a band to achieve the desired sound.

Gildenlow moved to the Netherlands (2005), where he remained very active working as a session musician in live performances, touring, and recording bass lines on over thirty prominent albums for various artists all over the world. Gildenlöw’s solo career took flight with release of his debut album, RUST (2013). He released charity single, Pass The Torch (2014) and critic’s response to previews of The Rain (2016) have been very positive.