Eddy Zoëy releases new single ‘Neverchanging Mess’ (Look at the paper)

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This song is about the leading world powers in a suffering world, in which this whole “follow-the-money”-idea starts to descend as truth everywhere.

Money ís power! And power turns to abuse quickly. 99% of all USA-property is owned by 1% of its population. These numbers do vary a little per continent and country, but not that much. Poetin for example is one of the richest men on earth.

Do I have a solution? Nope. Is there a solution anyway? I honestly do not know. But realizing all this could help enormously in understanding worldwide, that by maintaining current systems, nothing will ever change to the rich vs. poor-segregation.


About the song:

It is recorded back home, with a brand-new Epiphone Excellente (acoustic guitar) & a Gibson SG. The idea of the lyrics came about reading a couple of old-fashioned analog highly respected newspapers. Turning the pages, I found myself reading more and more sheer entertainment and less truly news-worthy articles.

I didn’t want to write a Bob Dylan-like-protest-song about it (how can anyone, cause, he’s the best), so after laying down the basics of guitars & vocals on my own, I asked James Ericsson to help me out with a drumbeat that pivots between different eras of music-making. This, because the basic song I wrote (as in, just the acoustic guitar & the vocals) actually has that bit of a 70’s vibe to it; I wanted to steer away from that, and make it come across more as a pop-song than a protest-song.

The melody of the verses turns into a guitar riff later-on in the song, which gives it a bit of a Michael Jackson-feel in the break. Again, another artist, I dare not compare myself with! But the total result turns out as a modern protest-song, mixing a serious message with a contemporary production.