Brand New Release Nine Beats with Call ‘Em Out!

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NINE BEATS is an international collective of troubadours, poets, rebels, provocateurs, sages & activists on the trail of the ancient Bible sayings known as ‘the beatitudes’.


Performed by Eric Leroy Wilson
Music: Tony Bean
Lyrics: Eric Leroy Wilson

There is within us all a place of truth in safe-keeping
Where all we hold sacred is bound in kept care
Where our truer selves live
Where our real consent dwells
Whether winsome or woe-some it’s where your “you” resides
It’s the sacred self
The holy thou
The clarity of identity
It’s the temple of your kinder spirits
Deep buried long ignored the temple of our familiar
Holds the ghost of our forgotten but needful things
Our forgotten but needful things
Held hidden by fear
Cowardice kept cover
Once released you become responsible so just let it lie the false self says
Until a realer, deeper, truer voice cries

Call ‘em out let ‘em come call ‘em out
Call ‘em out let ‘em come call ‘em out

Call out your emptiness,
Whole hollowed to be filled…let ‘em come
Call out the you who mourns for what’s been relinquished and recklessly removed… let ‘em come
Call out your meekness, power open handedly held…let ‘em come
Calling out that thing in you that craves fairness like food and justice like real drink…let ‘em come

Call ‘em out let ‘em come call ‘em out
Call ‘em out let ‘em come call ‘em out

Calling forth your mercy, letting favour fall… let ‘em come
Call out pure purpose, mix motives no more… let ‘em come
Call out that you that demands peace, dives into the gap, building bridges for the breech…let ‘em come
Call out the side of yourself who’s willing to wear the scars, dismiss the bars, bear the pain of persecution for something or someone bigger than one’s self

Call ‘em out let ‘em come call ‘em out
Call ‘em out let ‘em come call ‘em out

This is spirit willingly evacuating the shrine
This is a world recovering from itself
This the sky of consciousness parting
This is ground giving way, graves bursting open
Living saying yes to life
This is the invocation of the ghost of your greater good
Let ‘em come