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2019 was a great year for Wolf & Moon. Whilst touring the world, Wolf & Moon visited Stockholm, where they met multi-platinum, Grammy nominated producer John Andersson. After working together musically, they instantly grew a friendship, leading to John producing their upcoming album ‘Follow the Signs’, which is set to release September 2020.

Wolf & Moon are a duo of modern day storytelling nomads about and just released their debut al- bum ‘Before It Gets Dark’ (25th Jan 2019). In support of the album and to collect and share new stories with local audiences, they have toured Australia, UK, Ireland and Germany. A promising year stands ahead of them, with performances at this year’s SXSW Festival in Austin, one of the most important newcomer festivals in the world (if not the most important one!). Wolf & Moon’s music lives of the dichotomy of their voices and marries dreamy indie folk with electronic elements.

The album was recorded when they packed their whole life into one car and went off for a long Swedish Summer. In Stockholm they met multi platinum, Grammy nominated John Andersson who became an instant friend and the producer of the album. They draw musical influences from artists such as Feist, Bon Iver and the XX. The CD includes the song ‘Static Pair’ which was chosen as the title track for the exhibition “Unseen Westeros” (Game of Thrones) in January 2019, Berlin.

The duo came to life after Stefany and Dennis met once upon a time in the Netherlands, somew- here close to 52.0907° N, 5.1214° E. Stefany thought it might be fun to take Dennis with her on a trip to the US, and that it might be a great adventure to explore the country through playing music together. She started booking gigs in the legendary Rockwood Music Hall and The Bitter End in New York, where artists like Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga started their careers. After that things just kept happening. Wolf & Moon were invited to play more gigs in San Francisco and LA, started wri- ting songs about their experiences and the people they met … and ended up playing in front of Harry Belafonte, who gave Dennis the compliment of his life: “Great tune you got there, son!”

Wolf & Moon wrote their very first songs, such as “Getaway” and “Like A Shot gun” in a Dutch farm in anticipation of aforementioned road trip, and it lived to become the band’s anthem. In the lyrics of Getaway they declare to each other and the listener “You know I wanna get away with you”. The song captures the rush of energy that keeps you awake the night before you embark on a big trip.