Rose Spearman

Rose Spearman


Dutch American singer/songwriter Rose Spearman will be releasing her upcoming solo album ‘King of Air’ in fall 2021. King of Air will be Rose’s return on an emotional and new musical journey, always in search of a home and always being restless at the same time. The upcoming album ‘King of Air’ will be something new, something like you have never heard of Rose before. Singing about her big loves, her Kings of Air, the astrological air signs that made a difference in her life. Songs like ‘After the Summer Falls ‘, about missing her father, a NY born jazz musician, who sadly died much too young. The song ‘King Of Air’ contains samples of her father’s music, I wanted to capture his voice and sax sound and “work together’ on music for the first time and so we did this time around. “After living in The Netherlands for five years, my father returned to the U.S when I was four years old, and ever since I feel caught between being half European and half American. In search of a safe place. A song like ‘Directions’ about a lost love maybe even more about losing yourself. The song ‘Assumptions’ about the challenges and adventures of being born with an African American, Jewish and Dutch background. When I was a young child with my dark appearance I was used to being called names, funny enough it was never about my true origin but I do know the feeling of exclusion. A song like ‘After The Renaissance’ about family history. My German Jewish grandmother falling in love with my grandfather, an Afro American man. A story set in New York. Although ingredients of my songs remain the same; “do what I love to do most, sing songs…. bluesy, soulful, melancholic but still uplifting, this time with a desire of a more programmed and electronic sound, calling it ‘New Industrial Soul’.

Rose Spearman’s music credits include winning the European Border Breakers Award, two critically acclaimed international solo albums on United and Sony Music, performing international festivals such as Lowlands, North Sea Jazz, Montreux Jazz, Glastonbury, Exit, Sziget, Joshua Tree Festival, and the Love Box Festival. Rose also wandered the world as the lead singer of Kraak & Smaak. She collaborated with international DJs like Kerri Chandler, Boris Dlugosch, and Roger Sanchez and was invited on stage with Solomon Burke, Jools Holland, KT Tunstall, and many others. Rose Spearman was one of the few Dutch artists to appear on the American syndicated television show, Jimmy Kimmel. “Still I realize it is time to sing my own songs again because what I miss most, is being able to connect with the audience as a live artist.”

The main reason why the recording of this album took so long is that Rose has been busy with the “other side” of the music industry, starting up her own international music company ‘M.A.R.S. Label Group’, with offices in Europe and the US. The company connects music fans with music makers and is built on the reputation of tenacity and ingenuity.
Rose says, “Assisted by a number of loyal industry professionals around the world, I am proud that the label has already released some top ten albums and I’m very excited about the new albums that are coming out now and receiving great reviews. I see it as my mission in life to release music and promote artists. Every day when I wake up, there is a new song waiting for me in my email inbox, having the feeling that I can be part of something very unique and special. Running a label and receiving recognition with our endeavor has been quite a job but, it is something I can see myself doing always.

“After the Summer Falls” is the first single off the forthcoming album ‘King of Air’ and was released on February 25th, 2021

After The Renaissance Comes The Blues -July 23, 2021

The song tells the story of an illicit love affair that crossed multiple racial and social boundaries in New York/Harlem, against the background of Jazz as a rising art form. How the personal, historical, and social intermingle and – as the album reflects are passed down as learnings or the need to learn through generations