ROOSBEEF, that was the name that 16 year old Roos Rebergen decided to give her new band in 2005. That same year she participated in “de Grote Prijs van Nederland” and won the singer/songwriter category. The next year she released an unnamed EP and single (De Bouwvakkers.) after this she released the album “Ze Willen Wel Je Hond Aaien Maar Niet Met Je Praten” produced by Tom Pintens and although the album had no ‘official’ singles, the first song called Onder Invloed became a small radio hit in the Netherlands.

From the very beginning Roos, in a highly recognizable idiom, laid down the foundation of her universe. A small but totally unique piece of perception from a hesitant country girl who sometimes cheerful and lighthearted, but often melancholic and heavy though with swift self-reflection observes the people and the events surrounding her.

A year later Roos and Torre Florim (De Staat) make “De Speeldoos”. 6 honest songs with suprising lyrics written by people with a mental disability. After a number of shows including the tv program De Wereld Draait Door this beautiful co-operation gets the sequel it deserves in 2013 with the release of De Tweede Speeldoos.

Meanwhile during the writing/rehearsing of the second album “Omdat ik het wil” there are a few changes in the line-up of the band. During the Ze Willen Wel Je Hond Aaien Maar Niet Met Je Praten tour Roos meets up with Wannes Cappelle (Het Zesde Metaal.) Wannes as well as Tom Pintens both join the new reformed ROOSBEEF. Drummer Tim van Oosten stays in the band, partially due to this switch in members ROOSBEEF is now a half Dutch/ half Belgian band. The songs Twijfelaar, Nachtauto and Iets Teveel Wij(n) are now also broadcasted on Belgian radio 1. In 2011 Wannes Capelle leaves the band and is replaced by multi-insturmentalist Tijs Delbeke (Sir Yes Sir).

Working with Delbeke soon pays off. In 2012, not even a year after “omdat ik dat wil” ROOSBEEF releases a new EP. The EP is called Warüm and consists of 6 intimate songs that easily find their way tot he radio.with songs like Leven Van Een Kunstenaar, a beautiful translation of Daniel Johnstons’ The Story Of An Artist the music ROOSBEEF makes takes a leap to full maturity. Then in 2014 after 10 years of loyal service guitarist Reinier van den Haak leaves ROOSBEEF.

In the meantime Roos does some interesting co-operations: for radio 1, Schrijver Zoekt Zanger (author seeks singer) she sings  “Lied Voor Een Hart” together with Styrofoam, a song written by Elvis Peeters.

As a musical tibute to Annie M.G. Schmidt and Harry Bannink De Supersonische Boem Roos sings Duifies, Duifies. On the 4th Of may, in honor of the Dutch Remembrance Day, she performs Raak Mij Aan together with a choir and orchestra. The song is so beautiful it just had to be on the next album.

KALF, winter 2014. It seems to mark the end of someones childhood. A childhood where man wants to cling to, as the album title suggests. The artwork suggests the same, the photography by Johan Rebergen (Roos’ dad). On a blurry background we see a cow in front of a farm. An echo of the song ‘Boerderij’ on the first album. Between these new songtitles we also find ‘De Schelde’. In her life and work Roos constantly travels between the peace and quiet of the Dutch countryside and the bustle of the Belgian city. Travelling and doubting. Between the past and what is to come. Between ‘Kalf’ and Beef.

Roos Rebergen –  Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Tim van Oosten – Drums, Percussion
Tijs Delbeke – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Trombone, Keys
Tom Pintens – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Clarinet, Keys