Max Douw

Max Douw

Max Douw (33) is a singer and musician from The Hague with a lot of experience in theaters. Max writes his own music and lyrics.

“I put everything into my songs, everything I see, everyone I meet. If you sing about feelings the audience wants to feel with you. That’s what I strive for in every song I write and every performance that Give. “

On his Dutch solo album called “Gekkenhuis”, all of Max favorite styles of music which has discovered and applied in recent years come together. Jazz, chansons, the song of life, theater music and pop. These different styles provide a rich and varied repertoire.

The lyrics, sometimes about complex feelings and experiences, go beyond “I love you and I remain faithful to you.” They are about how he looks at the world and tries to understand the significance of human feelings and situations.

“Ofcourse I also sing about just love or about my mother, but I try to always highlight the complex aspects of these human situations.”

After graduating from the Amsterdam Theatre and cabaretacademie in 2007. Max worked as an actor in several productions and performed as a solo artist with songs programs in which he accompanied himself on the piano. He then starred in various productions of Herman van Veen and he did outstanding productions with among others The Hague Philharmonic and the Couperus Quartet.

In recent years the Max has always been working on assignments for songs programs and performances.

“The songs, of course, were all about others. But now I felt the need to write songs with me in mind. ”

The results are impressive. Twelve very personal and impressive songs. Beautifully arranged and produced by producer Ocki Klootwijk (among others Michael Prins) and co-composer, pianist and co-producer Bart Wolfekamp (among others Wende Snijders), recorded earlier this year in the Rocktown Studio in Rotterdam.

The album ‘Gekkenhuis’ was released on the label M.A.R.S. October 28, 2016. Prior to the release of this debut album the single “Gekkenhuis” was released

Distribution of the album is in the hands of [PIAS] Benelux. A first full solo theater Max Douw take place in 2016/2017. “