Mathilde Santing

Mathilde Santing

Mathilde Santing is a singer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands / Pays-Bas / Holland.

At age seventeen, Mathilde Santing turned down her first offer for a record deal. From the very beginning she shunned compromises, and her quest for musical quality, authenticity and independence continued undiminished. Ever since her television debut with Sonja Barend in 1981, she has captured the hearts of millions of people.

“Larger than life” — such are the self-written songs on Mathilde’s new album Troublemaker. Through six compositions we get to know the singer: her characteristic desire for intensity and musical and dramatic counterpoint, enriched with experience and sense of humor — the now sixty-year-old Mathilde has it all. With her extraordinary voice and technical mastery, she expresses the innocence of a seventeen-year-old girl as well as the power of a matured soul singer.

Troublemaker is Santings most intensely charged and confessional album to date. Her own songs are lyrical, with excursions to film noir sound tracks and the bête noire of Nick Cave. Mathilde effortlessly uses her vocal and emotional color palette — fragility and strength, the ability to challenge and lure, she has it all. #Gender equality comes natural to Mathilde, thanks to her personal experience in matters of bisexuality and feminism. “Same Old Story,” for example, addresses a #MeToo theme through the eyes of astrology: “Same old Venus, Same old Mars”.

With her music, Mathilde draws us into her magical world, where she surprises and captivates us. This same intensity also characterises the two cover tracks: “River Man” by Nick Drake (after a poem of Emily Dickinson) and “The Tracks of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson.

During her career, Santing has won three Edisons and a Golden Harp and hit the charts with “Beautiful People” and “Wonderful Life.” She also performed Dutch songs such as “Appels op de Tafelsprei” (with a video clip by Erwin Olaf) and “Inspiration” from the musical Joe. In 2007 Mathilde’s oeuvre earned her a royal award.

Troublemaker was produced by Attie Bauw, who brought together some of the best Dutch musicians for the album: Martijn van Agt, Aram Kersbergen, Mats Voshol, Dennis Duchhart and Roel Spanjers.

Troublemaker is an important next step in Santing’s development from singer to versatile musician, song writer, band leader and performer.

A musician. An artist. A song writer. An idealist. A Troublemaker