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Nashville based Mark Blomsteel (1983) was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. At an early age he was diagnosed with a genetic eye disease that would leave him legally blind. Limited vision never stopped him from chasing his goals and dreams. Mark, always busy with his musical passion, started writing songs at the age of 11.

After graduating high school Mark decided to go to university. By that time he already had his own radio show and worked for MTV Networks. It was during the last year of college that he got in contact with British producer Paul ‘Tubbs’ Williams. Williams, who previously worked with The Spice Girls and Boyzone, invited Mark to the UK after listening to some of his demo recordings. Together they recorded ‘Leaving it all behind’ a song Mark wrote. This song was to be Williams’ last work. Shortly after mixing the track he sadly died from a heart attack.

In 2008 music industry veteran Fred Vail, former producer of the legendary Beach Boys came across Mark’s songs and wanted him to come work on a couple of tracks in his Treasure Isle Recorders, the Nashville based studio where the likes of Johnny Cash, Sheryl Crow and Dolly Parton used to record as well as Jason Aldean, who to date recorded all his platinum albums there. Vail brought together a team of the best studio musicians including bandleader Chris Leuzinger, who played on every Garth Brooks album. In the years to come Mark recorded numerous times at Treasure Isle Recorders and released different albums in Europe, rapidly getting airplay on Dutch and European radio and performing on various television shows. Over the last years Mark won multiple Dutch CMA Awards for ‘Song of the Year’,  ‘Male Vocalist of the Year’ as well as ‘Most Promising Act’.  Other highlights were playing Europe’s biggest Country Music Festival in Zurich, Switzerland, theater tours and European (country) festivals.

Although Mark received serious recognition in his hometown of Rotterdam by receiving the ‘export award’ and the fact that he’s still touring and releasing music in Europe, Mark finally decided to fully focus on a US career and settled in Nashville.

Over the last three years ‘Dutch Boy’ Mark Blomsteel – a loving nickname by the Nashville locals – worked extensively in his brand new hometown Nashville on his first US debut record. Recorded in the Treasure Isle Recorders Studio and produced by Nashville country veteran Fred Vail,” Burning Old Bridges” is above all a very diverse album. Up tempo songs as the first single “Contagious”, country rock songs like “Crank it”. Ballads are definitely a strong side for Blomsteel, as you can hear the pure emotion in his voice in songs like “Someone Somewhere Tonight” and “Give You Back”. Mark also shows his playful sexy side in Show Me What You Got. All In all, Mark’s distinctive voice stands out from the crowd.

The first US single ‘Contagious’ will be released via M.A.R.S. Label Group USA / CEN, The Orchard, a division of Sony Music, on the 15th of March, 2019 and will be followed by the release of the debut album “Burning Old Bridges” on April 26th, 2019.


Listen To Latest Brand New Release “Someone Somewhere Tonight”

Mark Blomsteel releases his new single “Someone Somewhere Tonight,” on Friday,


September 6, 2019.

Everyone who hears the song, Someone Somewhere Tonight, gets mesmerized and filled with emotion.

Recording engineer Peter Coleman (Blondie, ‪Pat Benatar etc.) calls it Mark Blomsteel’s best vocal performance ever.

The song was written by Davis Raines and Texas singer/songwriter Walt Wilkins.

The song’s lyrics contemplate what different things people in the world are experiencing at the same time, contrasting between good and bad scenarios (such as someone tasting their first kiss versus someone suffering with alcoholism). It is performed from the perspective of a narrator singing to their significant other and requesting in the chorus that they just lie down together and be still.

For Mark the song has a lot of meaning. It was his late best friend Bob’s favorite song and he also connected it with the national suicide prevention association and hotline in the music video.

Around the same time he lost his best friend Bob, another friend, Pamela Bach, lost her 16 year old daughter, Alyah Fae Cvitkovicho to suicide.

“I was deeply and emotionally touched by Alyah’s story. Her mother Pamela has been a friend and supporter of my music for years and I’ve been in close contact ever since Alyah’s passing. We hope to create a legacy for Alyah as the face of Kindness Matters. Also, if we can even prevent one person from choosing the path of suicide it would be worth it. Hopefully one day the song can become somewhat of a suicide prevention anthem”

‘Someone Somewhere Tonight’ is the second single taken from Mark’s US debut album ‘Burning Old Bridges’ and reaches the highest rank of 4 stars at pre-release radio research.

Detroit based tour manager Bobbie Garrisi was so impressed with Mark’s talent that she contacted him, and Michigan became Mark’s second home. Mark Blomsteel has much love for the music of Motown and recognizes the amazing talent Michigan musicians have to offer in all kinds of genres which led him to hire most of his band members from Michigan.