Jacques Ellis

Jacques Ellis

About the Song: Swimming is about the passing of my mother and the mourning process that followed, shaping my progression as a person and as a musician. Longing for someone that’s lost, while in the meantime embracing the fact that it also made me into the person I am today. About Jacques Ellis, Singer-songwriter Jacques Ellis was born in Helmond (Holland) as David van den Berg at the beginning of this century. Jacques, the name of his father from whom he took the guitar three years after the death of his mother Ellis. Jacques Ellis lost his mother at the age of ten and overcome the grieving process by playing guitar, making music, and by taking his first steps in songwriting. His debut single ‘Swimming’ is actually the song that reflects his feelings about this time. This first single is the lead single from the forthcoming album “Whatever You’ve Brought”, which will be released worldwide in spring 2021. “Whatever You’ve Brought” can easily be called a theme album and describes the mourning process of this young and very talented singer-songwriter and is best described as 100% pure and honest. To promote the new album, Jacques will also do an extensive tour in 2021, together with singer-songwriter Michael Prins, who’s a big fan and will help Jacques during his first steps in his professional career.