Eddy Zoëy

Eddy Zoëy

ʻAndere kanten van…ʼ, Eddy Zoëy
A new Eddy Zoëy album. 12 songs that Eddy has composed/written

Eddy is a composer/author published since 1991. He wrote for many artists, including kinderen voor kinderen, Ray Slijngaard, Romeo, Kim-Lian, Ben Cramer, Mai-Tai, Chipz and Ruth Jacott. He has written two No. 1 hits (‘Coming Home’ by Romeo &’One Day When I grow‘ up by Chipz) and released three albums under his own name: ‘Chasing Whatever It is’ in 1996, ‘Succes Jongen’in 2000 (containing the hit ‘Bijna’) and ‘6 maanden geen teevee’ in 2004.

After some excursions into other musical directions, with ‘El Dio’,’N.D.O’ & ‘We Are Hip’. With ‘Andere kanten van… ‘ Eddy shows he is at his best with his own narrative singer/songwriter songs and that he is a much better guitar player than you think. Naturally Eddy does all lead- and backing vocals himself, and also does his own production this time accompanied by Roeland Jacobs.

On ‘andere kanten van…  ‘ we get to know Eddy the singer/songwriter he is. Restrained, exuberant, cynical, humorous, and sometimes gentle and full on the nerve. The songs range from completely on his own and small, to  ripping into pop with a drummer and bass player.

“I still follow the music that comes out today, and I also like a lot of new stuff, but for this album, soundwise I looked tot he past. Mainly 80’s rock music. As a boy I listened  to Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Rick Springfield and Police, all of those men great musicians. I am influenced by all of them and still think they are amazing…”

‘Beter dan ik’ is the first single from the album ‘Andere kanten van… ‘, clearly the most ‘poppy’ track of the album, accompanied by a controversial video that is based on the recurring one-liner in the song ‘je bent ook maar een doodgewone lul’.

The album is accompanied by a ‘making of’ video where you can see Eddy build the album from the scratch. Much of this happens when Eddy is on his own. Maybe this mini documentary can shed some light on the prejudice that exists about celebrities making ‘just a song’?

“… The worst thing I hear sometimes is’ Oh? Can you sing? ” I do not even know where to begin to explain how crooked this interpretation is compared to how I work with music. I see myself as a composer/author, as a guitarist, as a producer, and sure, I sing, and I can keep in tune easily too, but thats not what’s it about, but apparently for many people the experiencing of music is just about singing or even “being able to sing”, whatever that may be. But I don’t agree with this. Many of my favorite singers couldn’t win a qualifying round of a talent show. This is not what I want to do. I make music in the broadest sense of the word, every ingredient must be right. thats different from just “singing a song”

Eddy Zoëy – gitaar
Jaimie van Hek -Bas
Victor Dirks-Drums
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