Danny Guinan


As a songwriter, Danny Guinan draws comparisons with artists like Beck and Nick Drake, although his Irish roots are unmistakable in his music as well. In the past, he has toured with the likes of Luka Bloom and Shane McGowan but has more recently developed into a songwriter whose artistic voice no longer sings exclusively to the tune of his origins.

Guinan is a singer-songwriter with a long record of service. After fronting the successful band Speranza in Ireland, he moved to the Netherlands to pursue a solo career. Several albums later, and having toured extensively in Europe, the USA, and Asia, Guinan stepped out of the limelight to concentrate on writing and producing his next album.

The fruits of that labor are evident on his new album Now is the time which is due for release in 2021. The album features Guinan on vocals and guitar, Ed Veltrop (O’Dreams, Wally Page, Van Vollenhoven) on piano, Ray-Edgar Duyns (Cloudmachine) on bass, drummer Leon Klaasse (Powerplay, The Analogues, The Pilgrims, Hadewych Minis), and Glenn Schwarzer (Michael Prins, Alain Clark) on electric guitar, and string arrangements composed by Bart Wagemakers (Exalto Studios) and performed by The Magic Strings.


About Time, Speranza (Starc Records), 1995

Red, Danny Guinan (Fingerprint Music), 1998

If I was wise, Danny Guinan (Fingerprint Music/Coast to Coast), 2001

Live, Danny Guinan (Fingerprint Music), 2003

The Rise and Fall of John Doe (Fingerprint Music), 2006

Live highlights:

Festival appearances at Dranouter and Labadoux (B), the Fleadh and Dancing at Lunasa (IRE), Finnish-Irish Festival (FIN), Big Irish Nite (NL), St. Pat’s Festival, Portland (USA)

Performances at renowned venues including Paradiso and Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) and L’Olympia (Paris)

Theatre tours with O’Dreams (IRE/NL), 2015 – present

The first  single ‘Litte Star’ is taken from the forthcoming album Now Is the Time due for release in May 2021   Video “Little Star’  by Florence Weidema

New single Regards released April 30, 2021

This is the story of the song Regards in one line:

A man walks out the door to buy a pack of cigarettes and never comes back.

In more detail, it is the story of the timeless temptation to turn one’s back on everything and start all over again. On the one hand the desire to rid oneself of all responsibility and on the other the yearning for atonement and a new beginning.

It is easier perhaps to picture it. The setting is an American suburb in the 1950s. A man walks out the door, stops at the end of the street, turns and waves to his wife who is looking out the kitchen window, and then disappears around the corner. Ten years later the woman is standing at the same window washing the dishes and staring at the spot where she last set eyes upon her husband. Little did she know. But little did he know, either. How little they knew of each other, in fact.