Blair Jollands

Blair Jollands

Born and bred in New Zealand, Blair Jollands travelled the globe, from Te Awamutu to Timbuktu, Kyiv to Katmandu and NYC to London, where he currently resides, via a spot at the legendary CBGBs at the notorious CMJ festival. He is a songwriter and composer , releasing several studio albums under his own name and his alter ego El Hula. He has collaborated with Gordon Rafael (The Strokes), Boy George and Madonna, and worked with legendary film makers such as Nicolas Roeg, Ken Loach and Richard Attenborough. His compositions are cinematic in scope and call to mind aspects of Morricone, Bowie, Bacharach and Beck at their heartbroken best. As well as an ear for lush instrumentation, Jollands brings his award-winning sound design skills to his music, incorporating found sounds and samples into his productions. Jollands will be releasing his 5th studio LP this summer 2020. First single of his new upcoming album ‘Nothing In The Pot’ will be released on June 5th

About ‘Nothin’ In The Pot’ :

This song is about the crossroads we find ourselves at. How we go forward from this point will define us. We have to embrace the challenge using the lessons we have learned, to make a better world for all nations, not just the developed world. The new normal – the norm that emerges after this pandemic, has to be different, specifically when it comes to climate change.