Blik – A moment in time, by Árstíðir

“If you’ve ever longed for the combination of Sigur Rós and Radiohead combined – listen no further”   / Jer@SBS,

“Get ready to fall in love!” / Matt Beacon

 Volcanic Eruptions

Árstíðir leaped onto the international arena in 2010 as clouds of ash from the Eyljafjallajökull volcano spread across Europe making Iceland the talk of the day. Having spawned two #1 hit singles in Iceland, the eclectic trio formed two years earlier in Reykjavík now embarked on a relentless touring excursion spanning Siberia to San Diego, Zagreb to Svalbard, while at the same time going viral with an 800-year-old hymn performed impromptu at a train station and gathering a cult-like following by devoted fans that have crowdfunded half of the band’s 8 albums substantial discography.

The bedrock of Árstíðir’s music is the chemistry between members, Daníel, Gunnar & Ragnar and their shared passion for vocal harmonies. At the core, the songs are pop music with gripping choruses, robed in suave and sometimes surprising arrangements. Never afraid to experiment the band has collaborated with the likes of Ólafur Arnalds as well as created two collaborative albums with Iceland’s premier songwriting legend Magnús Þór Sigmundsson & their loved touring partner of yore Anneke Van Giersbergen.

Before temporarily stepping off the touring trail on account of some pandemic, a panel consisting of Tow Waits, Robert Smith (The Cure), and Beth Gibbons (Portishead) crowned the band’s album Nivalis ‘Indie album of the year at the Independent Music Awards in 2019. The pandemic saw the trio write and record more than 30 new songs generating the two sister albums Pendúll & Blik. The latter, due to be released on May 19 of 2023, constitutes their most commercial production to date with songs commanding the listeners to finish their Gin & Tonic and brave the dance floor.


 Árstíðir (2009)

Svefns og vöku skil (2011)

Tvíeind, EP (2012)

Hvel (2015)

Verloren Verleden (2016) collaboration with Anneke Van Giersbergen

Garðurinn minn (2018) collaboration with Magnús Þór Sigmundsson

Nivalis (2018)

Pendúll (2021)

Blik ( due March 2023)


Eiserner Eversteiner Folk Music Awards, 2012

Album of the year, Independent Music Awards (IMA), 2019

Music video of the year, Independent Music Awards (IMA), 2020

Acoustic song of the year, International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA) 2021

Song of the year, The John Lennon Songwriting Competition (2021)