Through her songs, Dutch singer-songwriter Anne hopes to touch, inspire, soothe, entertain, connect, and bring hope to the youth. Her distinctive autobiographic pop songs contain a message. One of hope. Of love. Of freedom.

She is no open book. At the same time, she shares her personal experiences in delicate songs. Anne discovered there is nothing more therapeutic than writing songs.

On the journey into yourself, you encounter obstacles. You have to say goodbye to the old to receive the new. This also means you must enjoy the process along the way, at times to hold still for a moment, to reflect and refine, and then carry on down your path.

Her great passion for singing and dancing starts in her early childhood – without being born into a musical family and with no musical basis – Anne follows her heart to realize the ultimate dream. After her Marketing & Communication studies, it dawned on Anne. Always follow your passion! And she puts that personal experience into her own sensitive songs.

Anne uses creativity and positivity in her music to encourage her listeners to bring out the best in themselves. All the while staying true to her own typical style; a little mysterious, dreamy, determined, unassumingly, but always with an open mind and entrepreneurial mindset.