Alexandra Alden

Alexandra Alden

Alexandra Alden (24) is a Maltese musician who is currently residing in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where she is graduating from her bachelor degree in Jazz music at the CODARTS Conservatory in July 2018. Being a product of British-colonial Malta, Alexandra’s first language is English and her lyrics are dense with poetry.

She began writing lyrics and poems at the tender age of six and recalls first falling in love with singing as a child while living in Tutzing, Germany. She would shyly sing along to any song that would be played on the stereo system at home or on the radio so that no one would hear that she was improvising over the melody lines and inventing her own lyrics instead. She knew she had discovered something so very personal and precious within music. This feeling continues to be the driving force behind Alden’s intricate and heartfelt storytelling in the songs she writes inspired by the likes of Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, PJ Harvey and Bill Callahan. Her first EP ‘The Curious Child’, recorded at the age of 16, resulted in two number one hit singles in Malta and her debut full-length album ‘Wild Honey’ was released in Benelux in May 2018 by MARS Label Group.  Later this year the album will released in the US and Canada.


Alexandra Alden’s new album ‘Wild Honey’ contains twelve songs which were written over the last three years while travelling back and forth between Malta and The Netherlands.

The title of the album perfectly encompasses the themes and atmospheres explored throughout these songs often touching on sentimentality, loyalty and loss – in combination with the bold light and aromatic landscapes of the Mediterranean with the greyer skies and dense woodland of central Europe. The result is a dreamy soundscape of lush strings, delicate piano runs and poignant moments of introspection which leave the listener in a trance.

These songs are formed around the core of Alexandra’s acoustic guitar playing, singing and lyrics with additional playing, production and engineering by her team at Rocktown Studios consisting of multi-instrumentalist and ambient artist Hanyo Van Oosterom, bassist Ocki Klootwijkand the incredibly diverse Marien Okkerseon acoustic and electric cello (all from the Netherlands).