MICHAEL PRINS Releases new single “Is This The End Of Us” October 25th

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Is This The End Of US.

Within every relationship, there is a complexity that pushes and pulls between the two partners.  In these modern times, this complexity can to often be based around the ideas of how one can remain an individual within a love relationship.  How we are continuously fed with ideas of the importance of the “I”.  The career goals, the feelings of being recognized, appreciated for who we are and what we achieve as individuals.  And how we can fail to see how the pursuit of these social standard goals can set us up as individuals to in the end isolate us from another.


Often enough in this desperate pursuit of identity, of the “I”, it can, in the end, pull two lovers apart.  Sometimes this is not so much due to a lack of love between two lovers, but can cause a drifting apart of each person into their own indiviual world of needs.  Together in love yet at the same time isolated and part.  Expectations of themselves and of the other.  Caught up in some ideal vision of how they are supposed to be but not who they actually are.  Individually strong but unsure of how much to give over to love.  How eventually these put upon feeling can isolate a person not only from the other but from themselves.  How this isolation creates a bubble that separates one lover from the other.  And how these bubbles of isolation consume the air needed for any love to breathe.


After having a chance to read Plato’s “Symposium”, Prins songwriting skills were deeply inspired.  Arising out of this philosophical quest arose the question of what is it that truly unifies the relationship between a man and a woman?  Is it simply a need to be in love or was it that the union between a modern man and woman was being torn apart by modern social needs? That as we begin to accumulate more and more distinct and separate wants and needs are we being driven apart?  For Prins the question arose; is there a chance that man and woman, love torn lovers, individuals destined to be forever together alone, will they ever be able to truly find one another again here on earth?


Michael Prins’ question is…when we as human beings think that we have found true love, will it actually be something that we can hold on to?  In a world so focused on the “I”, the individual, are we becoming too terrified of giving up ourselves for the sake of being truly together with another.  Are we now more than ever afraid to give in to love.  And without this giving in to love, will it eventually be the end of us.

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