The Cavern

12132547_877519269021695_5046279386696017091_o-2Obscure rhythms and threatening guitar melodies support stories that seem to have sprung from the deepest  darkest crevices. But yet there is a light at the entrance of this crevice, because despite the raw and uncompromising musical statement, The Cavern mainly wants to move people,  comfort them and make them  forget their sadness. It is exactly that contrast between light and darkness, loud and soft, friendly and grim that makes The Cavern such a special band.

It should be clear by now; The Netherlands has a new rock sensation in it’s team.  Despite being named after the infamous Liverpool club where The Beatles started their career, they have more influences than just British guitar tradition. Vocalist and bass player Floortje van der Kooij, her guitar playing brother Pepijn and drummer Jeroen van Leeuwen are also inspired by contemporary acts such as The Queens of the Stone Age and The Kills.

After an intense collaboration with producer Youri de Bruijn their first achievement was born. A self-titled EP, released on the 10th of April 2015 online (Spotify, Itunes) and physically. With these 5 powerful songs The Cavern are currently touring and winning people’s hearts with their profound, alternative rock.

Toxic Online loved them, and gave them a 8/10. But the love didn’t stop there, as IndieZine, Radio Mortale and Pinguin Radio all can attest, who put them in their daily rotations.  They were even selected for the ‘Popronde’, a concert tour throughout the Netherlands (40 cities) for promising new acts, where only 137 of the 1200 submitted acts were selected.

In November of 2015 their second single was released, The Lighthouse. The song explores the deepest caves within the human psyche, and has translated this to video with the help of Koen Dijkstra of the Creative Bros. The result was a stroboscopic trip throughout the chaos and anarchy that inhabits mankind’s mind.

2016 was a year full of writing, writing and writing for their upcoming release. In the meantime they have released a live rendition of ‘I Know’, a song about looking back on the past, and at the same time embracing the future. Pinguin Radio had the honor of premiering the clip, and it was picked up by several other media outlets such as DaMusic in Belgium.

Floortje van der Kooij – Bass and Vocals                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Pepijn van der Kooij – Guitar
Jeroen van Leeuwen – Drums & Percussion