Rose Spearman


Rose Spearman recorded a completely new album in LA the past few years, however; “On returning to the Netherlands, I was just not happy with the result, it was just to ‘cheezy’ and I decided to cancel the release”

The idea to start a music company, was there for some time and the absence of an album marked the creation of M.A.R.S. Worldwide. As in a whirlwind befriended artists discovered  Spearman’s (daughter of an American jazz saxophonist) very direct approach over the past two years. Assisted by a number of loyal industry professionals next (album) releases included Ellen ten Damme, Venice (US), La Corneille, String Caster, Marc Robillard (US), Roosbeef, Gecko (UK), Chaos Club, Eddy Zoey and film and theater releases were released for film composer Vincent van Warmerdam and the Ro theater. Also – in addition to existing acts like Moke –  M.A.R.S started management of among others Michael Prince and Yori Swart.

Rose: “Now, after two years of M.A.R.S., I am proud of a number of top ten albums, but also the beautiful albums that are coming out in the coming months, for example, Prince Michael and Max Douw. Furthermore, I can safely say that success has overtaken me, a lot is happening but I’ve always kept space to write my own music, recording and playing live as I have always done with my previous solo albums, Kraak & Smaak and many a DJ “

in recent months Spearman was recording, in between all the work, in Rock Town Studios in Rotterdam. Now she has enough songs for a new album, this time with a band consisting of drummer Emilie Cleuver, bassist Ocki Klootwijk, keyboardist John Hendrikse and guitarist Jelte de Vries. The result is amazing. Eleven pop songs, beautiful, fragile, dance-able and with incredibly strong singing. All inspired by  great heroes from Madonna to Roisin Murphy and Billy Holiday to…

Rose: “Recent years have learned me a lot about the business and of course I will release the record with my own business… but you will not hear me talking about ‘hits’. I make the music that I need to enjoy life. I’m releasing it simply in the hope that others will have as much fun with it as I have.”

Rose Spearman – Vocals

Emilie Cleuver – Drums

Ocki Klootwijk – bass

John Hendrikse – Keyboard

Jelte de Vries – Guitar

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