Bourbon Avenue

bourbonavenueBOURBON AVENUE is the band around the young and talented Marlon Pichel, a singer, composer and drummer from Rotterdam.

After writing a first few songs the studio recordings for ‘Let’s Go With The Seasons’ were made in 2013 and 2014 with the help of bassist Brian Kruit and Keyboard player Jeroen Dikkers. This collaboration very quickly demonstrated a very rich and pure sound and then the need arose for a full band. After this guitarist Jelle Roozenburg joined and Bourbon Avenue was a fact.

From the beginning Bourbon Avenue has proved itself with an incredibly large number of successful live performances including opening for Giovanca, performances at Oerol and as house band of the Comedy Club in Rotterdam Islemunda. Bourbon Avenue is both live and on record a mix of soul, Motown, funk, jazz and pop! The ‘record’, under the title ‘Livin’ and Lovin “, therefore contains 11 catchy pop songs in the best soul tradition. Characterized by the strong vocals of Marlon Pichel and the ‘vintage’ sound of the band.

After that things really started to go fast. Live the band was completed with two additional background singers making every performance a true party. The band was also offered a production deal with Rock Town Studios in Rotterdam, where the band worked with producer Ocki Klootwijk (among others Golden Earring, Herman Brood and Michael Prince) to produce their first full length.

Marlon Pichel – Drums/Lead Vocals
Brian Kruit – Bass/Backing Vocals
Bas Vosselman – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jeroen Dikkers – Keys